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Complete Practical Guide on How to Place Ads on Your Website

Complete Practical Guide on How to Place Ads on Your Website.

It a great thing that Google as brought a good idea for website owners to earn from their suffering. Making money from Google ads is not quite easy because there are many factors that affect the performance of your banner ads, but the most difficult one is the banner placement.

How to Place Ads on Your Website

How to Place Ads on Your Website

Knowing where to place your ads is critical for performance because where an ad is position determines the viewability of the ad and the chance it will be clicked.

Here are the Basic Ads Placement Tips for your Website.

  • Choose the Right Position.

Choosing the right position to place your ad determines the clicked. Most people choose the top right side of the page to position their ad because this is the side where the user’s eyes typically head first. It would be appealing to place your text on the left page and the ad on the right to continue the text. It a nice thing to place a 300×250 on the top right of your page, it should go along with your content.

  • Add Rich Media.

On seeing this particular guide what comes to your mind is the meaning of Rich Media. Rich Media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like audio, video or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. It maximizes revenue and can improve your site’s overall eCPM. Rich Media such as stay ons, Lightbox ads, pop ups, pop unders and sliders have been proven to generate more revenue.

  • Position ad Between the Text.

Try to position at least one ad in between the text; these ads are known to generate high eCPMs. This implies that the user won’t miss the ad because is already reading the page.

  • Test your ad in Different Positions.

There are certain places on a website that work better than others in terms of ad placement. It is necessary to experiments with the position of your ads because different positions could mean different outcomes for different type of ads. So it advisable to try different positions until you find the right platform that will generate the highest revenue.

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