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Top 6 Most Important Things you Need to do Before Jamb Registration

Top 6 Most Important Things you Need to do Before Jamb Registration.

Many people have been asking this question “what do I need to do before I register for jamb”, well your question has answered. Jamb is not something you just rush to register if you don’t have the requirement or if you don’t have what it takes to register for it or if you don’t know what you need to do before you register for it, well don’t panic your prayer has been answered has I said earlier so keep reading this article what you have requesting for is just few miles away from you, all you need to do is to keep reading and get just the necessary things you want before you register for jamb.

Things you Need to do Before Jamb Registration

Many aspiring jambite do neglect to ask their self this question: “what do I need to do before I register for jamb”, they do make several mistakes which the will regret later while writing and after writing the jamb, many drop out in several universities and most people who failed jamb and even most of our youth who are still unemployed is not because “luck” haven’t knock at their door or the so called “village people” have decided to table their issues in their camp or it is not because of the “economic problem” in the country, But it is because they have not decided to know or acquired necessary knowledge on what they need to do before the register for jamb.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave, you used your data to search for it, as our people do say ”the patience dog do eat the fattest bone”, Now  is the time to unveil what was behind the whole writings. I will only give you only 6 important things you need to do and if you do it, you won’t regret reading this article:

  1. How is your O’ level Result:

Well your O’ level result is extremely very important infact it is the first thing you have to do before planning of writing jamb, I can say it is like a voters  card because without that you cannot vote.

Without your O’ level you cannot be admitted into the university. Though you can also write jamb by putting in as awaiting result but before that, ask yourself this question; how sure am I to clear my papers! So how sure are you to clear your papers, it is on probability, because you can score high in jamb and you fail WAEC and NECO, which render your jamb score and voil.

So you must make sure that your O’ level won’t be a storming block for you. For those of you who have already had the O’ level result, how good it is and how sure are you that jamb will accept it, so before you register for jamb check your O’ level result first.

You can’t have F9 in maths and English, or even F9 in maths and think jamb will accept it or even the University of your Choice in Nigeria will certainly won’t accept it. So make sure you do well in your O’ level.

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  1. What are your Subject Combinations in your O’ level Result:

Many students make mistake in their subject combination before writing WAEC or NECO, but whatever it is don’t make such mistake again. Your subject combination matters alot when you are about registering for jamb, for instance a Science student will combine subjects like: Chemistry, Maths, English, Biology, Physics, Further Maths, Economics and Agricultural Science. While and Arts/Business student will also do their various subject combinations, before writing jamb.

Your O’ level subject combination matters alot, because you could want to study chemical engineering, when you didn’t put Chemistry in your O’ level, so be careful and don’t make mistakes that other made.

  1. Know the Intending Course you want to Study in the University:

Many students or jambite do neglect this very important information. Before registering for jamb make sure you like the course and make sure it is suitable for you, don’t follow your friend that want to study law and put in for law meanwhile you had passion for entertainment and you like acting and dancing, at end you regret putting for law instead of theatre arts. Also don’t study a course that at the end you be suffering to earn a living or will result you being a drop out.

In knowing the course, you must make sure that the course is capable of producing income or making you an employed person. Don’t study a course that you won’t use what you acquired to make a living, please make sure it can make you either self-employed or be employ in any establishment.

  1. Know the Subject Combination in Jamb:

Jamb only registers 4 subjects in their registration. Before registering for jamb, you must make sure you know the subject combination for the course you are intending to study. Also make sure you get the necessary information you need concerning the combination of the subject. For instant, if you want to study Law or Theatre Art your subject combination will be: English, Literature, Government and Christian Religious Knowledge.

Never mix up things because the little mistake you make can affect you in future, be smart and be wise. For Science subject combination for the course like Chemical Engineering, the subject combinations are: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English. Please your education is very important, so get the necessary important you need concerning the jamb subject combination for your course.

  1. Have a Little Knowledge of Operating Computer:

Jamb has improved on the way the set exams for students, it is no more the pen and paper it used to be, it is now CBT, which the use of computer is needed for the writing of exams.

As a jambite you must make sure you have a pre-knowledge on how to operate a computer, because the world is really transforming, everything is now online and computer based, likewise jamb. Jamb has really given everyone a free hand to learn how to operate computer for the purpose of the jamb. So get to learn how to operate a computer because it is not business as it used to be.

  1. How is the University Standard:
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Many jambite neglect this vital information, the just assume the university they want to go to without finding out the educational standard of that university. You should be able to ask yourself this question “what is the assurance of me getting the require knowledge I wanted from the course I want to study in that university”.

So which mean before registering for jamb, you must know how capable the university will affect your life. Some university don’t have well educated lecturers and also they don’t allow the student to practicalise what they have learnt.

So make sure you choose the university that have good and high standard facilities, serene environment, good educational standard and good record in history even with good lecturers.

In summary, you can register your jamb without stress and anxiety if you apply and do the above 6 vital information given to you.

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