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Intensive Guide on How to Start a Snail Farm from Scratch

Intensive Guide on How to Start a Snail Farm from Scratch.

Intensive Guide on How to Start a Snail Farm… Snail farming, otherwise known as heliciculture, is a lucrative business that provides a means of livelihood to millions of people globally. Snails are sometimes overlooked by people because the feel it can never be a source of income or wealth.

How to Start a Snail Farm

Apart from that, many people still doubt that snail farming can never be a lucrative business because it can be easily pick up in farm after rainfalls for consumption.

So have you ever planned of making good use of this unique species apart from consumption? Many people in the world are making cool cash from this amazing species which is use globally for research and is a good source for blood tonic.

You don’t just start a snail farm because you want to make money. Before getting started you need to know the necessary things that must be done. In this article you will have detail information on how to start a snail farm without stress.

Here are Guides on How to Start a Snail Farm

  • Purchase a Healthy Snail.

Make sure you purchase healthy, fully grown snails that will lay eggs and help populate your farm. Choose snails that fit in their shell, as this is an indication that they are healthy.

  • Know which Species of Snail you want to Rear.

Having a plan of what you want to venture into gives you insight on how to grow your business. When starting a snail farm, you will have to use a single species of snail. The smaller helix pomatia and helix aspersa can survive in seasonal climate while the larger achatina achatina and archchatina marginata can only live in climates that are warm all year round. So it your own choice to decide which species of snail you would like to farm.

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  • Cite a good Location for your Snail Farm.

Snails are kind of species that doesn’t like places where the soil doesn’t drain well after rain or that are exposed to high wind. Pick a location that has ample space and won’t be exposed to the harsh elements.

  • Provide them with enough Food.

Feeding your snail with good food will make them healthier. Snail eats a variety of different foods. You can feed your snails with things like weeds, vegetable peelings, cabbage, lettuce and slices of fruit. Put the food inside of the habitat and remove it once it starts to turn or grow mold.

  • Change the Soil every three Month.

The chemical composition of your soil will change over time. Also, your soil will likely have a buildup of feces and mucus from your snails. For this reason, you need to replace all of the soil every three months to keep your snails healthy.

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