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Full Guide on How to Pass WAEC Exams in First Sitting

Full Guide on How to Pass WAEC Exams in First Sitting.

It is obvious that some student can’t make it in first sitting when writing any exams be it WAEC, NECO etc. This does not imply that those students didn’t prepare well for the exams. Do you know that writing any exams and get high scores is luck? I know some people will say Yes while others will say No. Well, it depends.

How to Pass WAEC Exams

There are many students who are very intelligent but yet when the result is out they are the once who will be hiding their result because they didn’t expect to fail. As a students when preparing for any exams you need to study beyond what you where thought especially in external exams.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for University and Jamb entry examination in the West African Countries.

With the above clear explanation about WAEC, you will know what it means to study beyond what you were thought in school. Many students are fun of relaying their effort in one text/note book from their school only; not knowing that what they teach them in school is what they teach others as well but with different explanation.

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So you need to compare your friends note that is not in the same school with you and check if you can understand their own explanation and also check out some of his assignment, if you will be able to solve it or answer any question.


Question: Do WAEC officials Mark Candidates Scripts?

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Answer: No. The marking of scripts is handled by examiners appointed by WAEC. They are usually educationists who are familiar with the class room situation and their identities are not supposed to be disclosed.

Question: Why are some Results Cancelled?

Answer: Results are cancelled when candidates are found guilty of examination malpractice.

Question: Can one combine May/June and Nov/Dec WASSCE Results for Admission Purposes?

Answer: Yes

Question: How can a Candidate get errors on his/her Certificates Corrected?

Answer: A private candidate send his/her request for an amendment to WAEC directly, while in the case of a school candidate it is the principal who makes the request. In the two instances the original copy of the certificate should be sent along with the application for amendment.

Question: Does WAEC Replace lost Certificates?

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Answer: No. instead it issues statement of result to the owners of lost certificates or when necessary, confirms their results for a fee.

Guide on How to Pass WAEC in First Sitting

  1. Believe in Yourself

A lot of students don’t believe the can make it by writing Waec alone without any assistant from teacher or friend. That mentality totally as corrupt the mind of such student because he/she can never write the exams and succeed. Depending on anybody is an error that must be corrected before writing any exams. Just believe in yourself and study hard, and then you will make it in any exams.

  1. Review your Past question

This is a very helpful guide that will help you break the doors of success when writing exams. Going through your past question that was given by your teacher or on text book will help improve on your performance before the exams.

  1. Avoid Tension during Exams

This is the most reason 95% of student fails exams. Some students are fun of rushing over the question they know when the exams paper is distributed. It wrong, because you will forget everything you read in the process because you didn’t relax your mind. So calm down and write, don’t want to be the first person to summit your exams paper, so that they will applause you. When you finish answering all they exams question, just go through it one after the other to cross check your work.

  1. Set your Reading Time-table

Having your own personal time-table will help you to study effectively.

  1. Relax

It is advising to sleep after reading for a long time because it will help you to relax your brain and other organs. They reason why some student do forget what the read in the exams hall is because they didn’t have enough rest to relax their brain for the next task.

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