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How to Write an Article for Google Adsense Approval (Full Guide)

How to Write an Article for Google Adsense Approval (Full Guide).

A lot of people have been lamenting about what the need to do to get their blog approved by adsense without much stress. There’s an adage which say’s “nothing good comes easy” so you need to sacrifice your time by writing unique content and also make your blog look good and Seo friendly.

How to Write an Article for Google Adsense Approval

There are certain things you need to do in your blog to get you approved by adsense. Before starting any online business take your time and asked yourself questions so that you will know what you really want to venture into.

The reason why many people find it difficult to get google adsense approval is because they don’t know the criteria that’s required by adsense even when reading the terms and condition. Google adsense is ever ready to approve anybody who is sensitive enough to know his/her problem and correct it before applying for the program.

Ebooks have been sold online with the topic “How to get Google adsense Approval” then, after finish reading the book you still can’t find a solution to your problem. The only “ebook” you need to get google adsense approval is your “Sense of reasoning, Passion and hand”.

People fail in their businesses because of get rich quick mentality. But have it in mind that “There’s no shortcut to heaven”. Don’t allow anybody to use you and make money by telling you “I can get your blog approved in 5 days”. It a lie, nobody approved a blog, its only google that as the right to determine if you are suitable for the program or not.

It is advisable to hear from expert in the same field of your business before starting it, if not you will be frustrated. Ask them question about the business, how you can benefit from your business in due time and other reasonable stuffs.

There’s more to blogging, so if not careful you’ll end up spending money without earning. Passion is what makes every successful blog and business still exit till today. When you are passionate about what you are doing, you will know what to do in order to grow your business and revenue.

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It high time we know what we are capable of doing and not copying someone’s idea and think we can make it so easy. Relax your mind and go through people’s work that are on the field of your business and see what the scale through before reaching their desired position.

Here are five (5) important things you need to do to get your adsense approved fast.

  1. Write Quality Content

Writing a unique content on your blog after developing it will help you have an idea on how you can grow your blog. It’s not advising to copy people’s content because the person you are copying wrote the article by his/her self without any assist from google or any other platform. In order, to get your adsense approved, you must be able to write up to 1000-2000 words per article. It might sound stressful because is not an easy task to write. But the truth needs to be told in order for you to have a good idea about what you are doing. You may ask “How many article can someone post in order to get approval”. You can post up to 10 articles as the case may be in order to get approved.

  1. Develop your Site to Standard

To get google adsense approval fast does not just end by writing article but also how your blog is customized. Having a good theme and amazing customization will help your site to be approved. It is better to use a good premium theme not a free ones because free things don’t have much value.

  1. Write an Seo Friendly Article

This is another great way to get your adsense approved fast. It is obvious that a lot of people don’t know how to write an seo friendly article. In order, to write an seo friendly article you must have a good topic for the article you intend to write. Write a unique article with valuable contents and also a good summary.

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  1. Avoid Copy and Paste

It a worst thing for a beginner to start copying someone’s article in order to have much content in his/her blog and believe that adsense will still get the blog approved. As a beginner you need to write your own quality content before even thinking of developing your blog.

  1. Develop your own Idea

Having your own idea of writing in your blog will make you stand out from the crowd. Try to be yourself, don’t follow others because the do it to their own taste.

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