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The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Pig Farm

The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Pig Farm.

Are you looking for a business to venture in? Then you don’t have any lucrative one in mind? If yes, this article will give you detail information on how to start a lucrative pig farming business. Pig farming or piggery is one of the most profitable businesses today.

How to Start a Pig Farm

Though it require a huge capital to start up, but if you can venture into it you will not regret because a sow (female pig) can give birth up to 10-15 piglet at a time and can give birth twice in a year. With this now you can see that the future is clear.

You can start your piggery business with 5 sows and 3 boars (male pigs).Before the next one year you can have up to 100 pigs in your farm. Before getting started you need to decide which pig breeds are best fit for you and your farm.

Then decide if you are going to sell weaners, porkers or baconers. If you are a novice in the business, it is a better idea to sell weaners because pigs that have just been weaned and weighs less than 40kg are faster to produce and more cost effective.

Pork meat has a better energy value than other meat. It is also rich with vitamins such as; niacin, thiamine and riboflavin and is the most consumed meat globally. Also, pig fat which is stored rapidly by pigs, has an increasing demand from poultry feed, paint, soap and other chemical industries.

Here are Guides on How to Start a Lucrative Pig Farm.

  1. Build a Pigpen

The exact size you need for your pen depends on the breed and adult size of the pigs (unless it’s only for young pigs, then base it on their maximum size before being moved to a different pen).

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  1. Use a Sturdy Wire Fence in your Farm.

It is preferable to you use a woven fence that is “hog tight” with a board on the bottom to discourage digging. When your fence is built, attach 4×2 welded wires to the inside of the fence so that if the pigs push on it, it won’t go anywhere.

  1. Purchase Healthy Piglets.

Buying healthy piglets will help you to maintain your farm effectively. Don’t just buy any piglets without knowing the source and make sure the ones you are buying are well vaccinated.

  1. Provide a Good Feed for your Pig.

Feeding your pigs with good feed will keep them healthy. In general, you should plan to use pre-mixed feeds to ensure that your pigs have a well balance diet.

  1. Hire Professionals.

Hiring a professional in your pig farm will make things easy for you because you can run another business without stress. Provide necessary equipment to keep your pig farm running effectively.

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